this weekSan Francisco, CA+18 milesItems Wanted
Need a Help Em Up XL Dog Mobility Harness for 9yo, 123 lb mastiff with hind legs lameness
this weekMill Valley, CA+6 milesItems Wanted
I had an old Mighty Mite that lasted forever but the hose melted on a radiator. I have extra bags for that kind but will take any. Hardly use it so hate to buy a new one
this weekPetaluma, CA+17 milesItems Wanted
Hello, Are you looking for a place to donate your well-running used car? My hubby and I had to recently junk our second car that we had less than a year due to its transmission dying on us. If you are planning on donating your car perhaps you can donate it to a family that really needs it. Thank you for your consideration.
this weekSan Rafael, CA+4 milesItems Wanted
Hello! Am looking for a clean, hardly used twin mattress in excellent condition. Just moved into a studio and have a three-legged dog who needs something low to the ground.
this weekSan Francisco, CA+18 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a shower caddy in good condition to replace one with rust stains. Slip over shower head type... Thanks
this weekRichmond, CA+17 milesItems Wanted
For household of approximately 4. Can arrange pick-up. Thanks!
last weekPetaluma, CA+17 milesItems Wanted
ISO stepping stones to make a path around my house. Mixed/Used are fine. I can pick up and load. Thank you, Lori
days agoRichmond, CA+17 milesItems Wanted
My son has just moved into his first apartment, and we are looking for stuff to help him get set up. He needs: pots and pans silverware cooking utensils (spatulas, etc.) mini-fridge (apartment as a small one, but not big enough for all the occupants, so he's looking for one for his bedroom) TV Small table If you have anything to share, please get in touch. Thanks very much!
days agoPetaluma, CA+17 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for working or non working videogame stuff from games to consoles to controllers that might be cluttering up your closet or other areas. I m saving up to send my mom on a trip for her birthday next feb and am using my electronics skills help me save money for it. She s Turing 70 and always wanted to go to Hawaii so I m trying to get her tickets and any extra money will go towards h...
Hello, I am looking for dry firewood. Happy to pick up this Friday or weekend, and would be so grateful if you have some I could use. Thank you!
This is a used engine bought by a customer to replace a "Flathead Ford". Came from the midwest. To San Rafael, Ca. Still in the crate It was to be used in a truck with a flathead 6 cylinder. Oops. Mistake. So this is surplus, getting in the way of things. It's used, never disassembled. Heads, intake manifold, flywheel, pan are still on it. I will guarantee it as a core. You may be able to use a...
I will pick up. Crt monitor in any condition physically but needs to be working/turns on. Ask around, these cost money to throw away! Please email me with the model number.
days agoPetaluma, CA+17 milesItems Wanted
After 6 months of looking for a reasonable place to live, I finally found a place however it's very small, 250 sf too small to have quests, but it has a nice deck. I'm hoping to make am outdoor living space so i can have family or friends over. Wish list is bbq and/or firepit, comfortable outdoor sofa or comfy chairs and a table possibly a planter that is 3 ft wide to keep people or stuff from ...
days agoPetaluma, CA+17 milesItems Wanted
looking for a house-warming gift for a friend (ha!), and I know these tend to sit around unused... let me know if you have one to spare