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Can anyone find it in their heart to donate an old working van to a friend of mine living in his car. His car is beaking down and he could end up living on the street. With much appreciation.
days agoPetaluma, CA+17 milesItems Wanted
Hello, Are you looking for a place to donate your well-running used car? My hubby and I had to recently junk our second car that we had less than a year due to its transmission dying on us. If you are planning on donating your car perhaps you can donate it to a family that really needs it. Thank you for your consideration.
days agoPetaluma, CA+17 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for working or non working videogame stuff from games to consoles to controllers that might be cluttering up your closet or other areas. I m saving up to send my mom on a trip for her birthday next feb and am using my electronics skills help me save money for it. She s Turing 70 and always wanted to go to Hawaii so I m trying to get her tickets and any extra money will go towards h...