20-Jul-2018San Francisco, CA(19 miles)Birds for Sale
Cadence is a Roller Pigeon that was attacked by a hawk. A great samaritan witnessed the hawk grab her, and when she fell to the ground ,they rescued her and brought her to Silicon Valley Animal Care and Control. She was put on oral antibiotics but the...
Margaret and Mirabelle are a bonded pair of big, exquisite King pigeons looking for their forever home. They need a gentle space where Mirabelle won't be bullied. They would do best in a very gentle flock on their own in an aviary or indoors with the...
20-Jun-2018San Francisco, CA(19 miles)Birds for Sale
Hi, my name is Layla and I'm a very low maintenance King Pigeon. I was found at the Powell St. BART Station and a kind lady rescued me. I am currently in Palomacy foster care getting used to people and how to wear pigeon pants! I am still shy around ...
19-May-2018San Francisco, CA(19 miles)Birds for Sale
Please apply to adopt http://www.pigeonrescue.org/birds/apply-to-foster-or-adopt/... see more at Petfindercom
Male scarlet for sale. DNA tested male, very very tame. Talks and sings a lot. Likes to sit and be with you. Used to cats and dogs. Loves people. Sad sale haven t got the time. Including big tree stand, lots of toys, big black iron cage and comes with dna pages. CALL TEXT 667-803-0664
Well tamed and completely house raised bonded pair of African gray parrots ready for a new loving and caring forever home They come with their huge cage, perch with feeders and several play toys. call/text for details and more recent pics of them. Thanks giovannimaggiota@gmail.com text 3023104506....... Ad number: #352842016 Contact: ggiota City: San Francisco, CA Zip: 94102 Price: $500
10-May-2018San Francisco, CA(19 miles)Birds for Sale
Fish (on the right, shown here with his brother Mac) is a very attractive bachelor bird with delicate scale-like patterns of color. He and his brother Mac - 2 oops babies hatched by Fleetwood & Hootie on 8/14/16. We work really hard to replace every real egg our many foster (and adopted) pigeons lay with fakes to prevent oops babies because there are far too many captive, unreleasable pigeons a...
10-May-2018San Francisco, CA(19 miles)Birds for Sale
Cooper is a very wonderful, soulful pigeon. She & her rescue-pal Wicket were 'surplus' racing pigeons that were sold for use as 'dog birds' (to train hunting dogs). Their wings & tail were cut as short as possible, the shortest I've ever seen. They couldn't even jump up on the low ledge in my aviary. They were found stray in a South Bay parking lot (likely bought & 'released' where feral pigeon...
10-May-2018San Francisco, CA(19 miles)Birds for Sale
Beatrice is a stunning, peaceful pigeon who survived pigeon racing (barely). S/he was found grounded and taken to Silicon Valley Animal Care Center and when Palomacy rescued her, she was emaciated and unable to use her legs. It took weeks of supportive care (including daily hydrotherapy) for Beatrice to regain the ability to stand, walk & fly. We don't know her gender (no courtship behavior at ...
Bolt is now a lovely young lady bird & a really flirty bird! She has had flings with a couple of suitors (very unusual) & is currently actively dating. She grew up in our care & while she is very dramatic & spooky sometimes, she can also be very relaxed if she's held just right & given head scritches. Bolt, along with her friend Bixby, were found by a great man on 8/9/17 who recognized the 2 ba...
10-May-2018San Francisco, CA(19 miles)Birds for Sale
Wallace is a precious little black & white Tumbler of some sort who was found grounded on 9/1/17 in Santa Clara County. He's slowly gaining weight & strength but is still, even at the end of November, not fully recovered. We think he's male, currently single & spooky with people though given time & patience he'll likely get more comfortable.Please apply to adopt http://www.pigeonrescue.org/bird...
7-Jun-2018Novato, CA(8 miles)Birds for Sale
Main color: Blue Second color: White
Theo is a gentle little young man dove. Here's what his foster mom Jill says about this cute couple, 'Theo and Bailey, a pair of bonded white Ringneck doves, are very young. Bailey hasn't laid eggs yet. Bailey came to me with a respiratory issue that has since been cleared up but due to that she was handled a lot by me in the 1st few weeks I had her. She was very tame but since she got married,...
Boomer is a survivor of pigeon racing. He got lost, weak and grounded and was lucky to be taken to an animal rescue shelter by a kind person before he was killed by a predator. He went unclaimed and faced either euthanasia or rescue. Though we were already full up, we took him in. He is a very lovable, patient gentleman of a pigeon and I had a hunch that he might have the character to court and...
Charlie is a very special pigeon. She was found stray as a youngster and taken to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley where, a couple of days later when they added another rescued pigeon fledgling to her cage (one-eyed Pirate), they realized she was blind. Since they were both determined to be unrelesable (Pirate was too tame), WCSV reached out to Palomacy for help. We picked them up on 7/28/...
Eleven is a survivor of pigeon racing. When he was lost and hungry, he chose a family to approach for help. Luckily for him, they knew about what racing pigeons endure and need thanks to a Palomacy humane education presentation. He's a gorgeous pigeon and is always a star when he does outreach presentations.Please apply to adopt http://www.pigeonrescue.org/birds/apply-to-foster-or-adopt/
Hootie is a shy little Homing pigeon (the kind bred, used & lost in 'dove releases') who was lucky enough to get taken to a shelter when she got lost and needed help. The shelter doesn't place birds so she was put on our waiting list and after a month, we were able to fit her in. I'm so glad that we were able to help her not only for Hootie but also for her very happy new husband Fleetwood! He ...
Pepper is a Tippler who got lost and was starving trying to make it on his own. He found a nice person who saw he needed help and, through them, found his way into rescue. He was so weak, he couldn't even hop out of a box in the beginning but now, with time and care, he's recovered and doing nice. Pepper is a exquisite white bird with striking black speckles all over. His personality is peppery...
Hello, my name is Turtle & I'm 1 of the Dove Beans! We are a flock of 7. Not a lot is known about our background except that we're about 1-2 yrs old and we were displaced from our home when our person got evicted. Now we're fostered in a great big aviary at Andy's (100% Rescue) Pet Shop in San Jose. You can come meet us! (Turtle weighs 177g 10/9/15 all white, no band)Please apply to adopt http:...
6/18/15 UPDATE: Fleetwood has come a long ways since he (yes, turns out he's male) was rescued on 4/1/15. He's now doing good and is somewhat (maybe completely?) able to self-feed though we continue to finger-feed him each day because he loves it so much (and so does his foster mom). What Fleetwood needs now is a mate (he really wants a pigeon lady) and a forever home. He loves being in an avia...
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